Embellished denim

Did you already discover the newest trend, embellished denim, jeans and jackets? A world opens up to you when you see all that stuff. Although, that's my experience. My creative spirit is working directly when I see that kind of designs. But what kind of embellishments am I talking about, are you thinking. Before I already wrote in one of my blog posts about patches which are attached on jeans. That's what often will de done, but also there will be painted on the denim or it is ripped and provided with other fabrics and stitching. But you also it is embroidered or decorated with trims, lace and fringe. To be shirt, you cannot imagine, some designs are very unique.
As usually I've been working on a collage to give you an impression of the item I am talking about.

Can you imagine? When you see this design again and again, that you're about to start crafting some creations.
And yes, denim was already one of my favorite materials to use in my bags. So it wasn't a big step to add upcycling denim to my activities. Although I use old jeans in my bags and with the embellishing of the jackets I use new unworn items. I Decorate the jackets with fabric, trims and fringe, and try to get that most beautiful combination! And I really enjoy it, so there will be more design!
But I think also painting of fabric is inspiring, so it should be possible you will see it in one of my bags sometime...

At the below picture you see some of the upcycled denim jean jackets. These are very colorful in boho and Ibiza style.


Not all of them are so brightly colored. This creation in boho western style and the embellished jean jacket with elephants and leopard print are not so colored but very cool as well! 


I'm very curious what you think about the jackets. You can see all upcycled jean jackets here!

Till next time!

Alice Loopeker

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