Old jeans used in new handbags

A new handbag made of an old jeans? Yes, you're right you're reading it well! I love to use old jeans when I'm designing my bohemian handbags and shoulder bags. Maybe you noticed, but I use this supply in many of my creations. I like to combine this with the new fabrics to create a special effect. Very original! Don't you think? But no, it's certaily not! When you're surfing at the internet in Google and Pinterest (check my board in Pinterest) you will find a very big collection. You will be amazed of what people can make of recycled denim. You can't imagine: chairs, carpets, bags, clothes, everything they can make. To give you an impression, I made this look book of different items:


Already with designing my jewelry I loved to use this great material. Mostly in the bracelets of leather you'll find the old jeans frequently. The item in the middle of the collage beneath are earrings as you can see. That pair I made once for a custom order for a costume for a theatre production. That kind of orders are always very nice. People see on your site what you can make and ask for the possibilities for custom orders.


But with this kind of small accessories I could make it with some pants of which quite small pieces were used. In these days i need a lot more pants! For bags you use biger pieces as you'll understand. People next to me know it yet: don't throw away your old jeans. And I prefer that very worn out pieces. The most beautiful rags are of that. But everything is welcome.



I just wrote about how original is recycling jeans. The conclusion was that I am certainly not the only one! But what you don't see offten is that only a part of my bags cosist of old denim. Take a look and you will be convinced. My goal is always to be original in my designs. And of course everthing you see can give you inspiration, but I'm trying to put in into my own ideas. Just see some of the results of it!


This already was the fourth blog post. I'm beginning to enjoy it. Choose a topic, writing a great story about it and illustrating it with beautiful pics. I hope you're enjoying it to when you're reading it. It would be great when you leave a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Alice Loopeker

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