Navajo and Aztec, styles to combine endlessly!

Navajo and Aztec are two of my most favorite styles which influences the designs of my handbags and shoulder bags. But where are these styles coming from? To be exactly, the first comes from the Navajo Indians from the Southwestern United States. You can recognize this by the big patterns in fabrics, often in window shapes, consisting blocks. Mostly they contain natural colors, also many red, but not very bright. Of course there are many variations in other colors in this. My favorite designer, who uses the patterns in many designs, is Ralph Lauren. In the collage below the dress and the last picture are from him.


And where does my love for these styles coming from? To be honest one of my visits to the United States when we visited the Crazy Horse is partly the reason for this. Do you know this monument? Of course you do when you are from America, but if you're not you surely will know the more famous Mount Rushmore where four old presidents are cut out of the huge rocks. Quite near to this, also in the Black Hills you'll find the Crazy Horse, cut out from the huge rocks too. We visited both monuments, very impressive! This last one, which still not finished, surly made not the less impressions! That night there was the laser and light show and also the exhibition really inspired me a lot. The pictures below are from my own collection:


I try to let these Native American influences come back in my own design of my bags for women. Sometimes in the fabrics, otherwise in the ribbons and fringes, which are used frequently by the Indians. In my latest tote bag, besides these decorations, there are used feathers. Below you'll see some examples of my creations, with this newest bag in the last picture. I know for sure there will follow many Navajo inspired designs.


And besides this there is the Aztec style. This origin is from the Aztecs, the former inhabitants of Mexico. These patterns are more fine and bright colored and they often consists of stripes. There are many variations in lighter colors and even in black and white patterns. You can easily recognize the bright colored fabrics, although the difference also is very difficult because of overlapping. You surely will know the bright colored Mexican poncho's and blankets. I made a mood board of these style too, to clear the difference between the two.


This bright colored style also comes back in the designs of my bags. Below you'll also see some items with this textiles, like a handbag in fuchsia and blue, a tote bag with gypsy influence, a crossbody bag with hippie inspiration and a bucket bag with a Mexican touch.


I hope you enjoyed this overview and maybe I made you enthusiastic.

Alice Loopeker

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