Patches on handbags, jeans and jackets, really trendy!

February  21st. 2018

I'm sure you've seen it before: clothes richly decorated with patches. Do also like them so much? I do, and you can see that in the designs of my own shoulder bags and handbags. But let's not only talk about my own creations because you can see them everywhere. On jeans, on jackets and bags. Mostly added by creative people as a diy project. But did you know also designers as Dolce & Gabbana use many patches in their designer clothes? Are they the first who uses patches? I really don't know, but I do know that it is very typical with this great Italian designer. Last summer on my vacation in Milan I couldn't stop watching the shop windows of the several stores they have in the Golden Triangle in that chic city. I really got inspired by that! You can see the pictures below of the shopping windows. Yes I know, it's typical Dutch to be a "window shopper". Of course I took some extra pics to remember, I'm not every year in this great fashion city Milan.

Here you see some examples of this famous designer:

But there's more, take a look at Pinterest. You can't believe what kind of patches they combine on denim jackets or jeans. Very popular are patches like tigers, roses, palm trees, but also logos of rock bands as ACDC, Guns N' Roses and Nirvana. And not to forget the world famous tongue of the Rolling Stones. 

Very proud I am of the backpack I made for my son. Do you also like it so much? I have to disappoint you, it's not for sale. And it is used quite much. That is also a good test to know it's strong enough to take school books. You can see it here:


And now it's time to come back to the bags I create for the webshop. Hours and hours I spend surfing on the internet to find the most unique patches to use. I really like it a lot to use them in my designs. It is a big challenge to let every handbag and crossbody look different. Check the results below of a stunning canvas bag with smiley, the newest Ibiza purse with flower patch, the shoulder bag with Indian head and a festival purse of old jeans with cute patches. And if you take a look in the shop you'll find more!



I hope I could give you a nice and communicatory summary of what we can patch.

Alice Loopeker

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