From jewelry design to designer handbags

Januar 30th 2018

Welcome to this new blog on this new website. In this first item I like to give you an impression of the history of Catena Bags.
​It all started in 2005. Because I always liked to be creative and I was looking for something new, I started creating jewelry, just for myself. What was it that gave me that inspiration? Yes, I know it again, a colleague, she was making bracelets. So I also started to do that and my new hobby was born. But I wanted more, I could not only wear all items by myself! I got the idea of going to sell the jewelry and that was the start of the website
​This was the logo of the site. It wasn't in English, so I don't think you recognize it.


Right, thirteen years ago at this moment. I can tell you that's quite long time at this digital era. Many things changed in this time!
​For example, think of social media. We didn't hear about it at all. Facebook started in 2004 but not many people were using it at that time. And how could I recruit visitors? I had a promotion on a Dutch start page which was very popular and was used by many people. And so it started to run with the business. Also in that time it was hot to organize jewelry home party's. With some help of friends and family that also became successfully. 

And how did I realise the pictures? As you can see below, all new disciplines are difficult, also making product pictures:

That had to be better! I bought a professional camera and a picture table. With practising photographing and adding it, the pictures became better and better:


In 2012 started my shop on Etsy the American platform, besides the other site. That was a complete eye opener! My jewelry, and later also bags, were shipped all over the world. To the US, to Russia, even downunder to Australia. That really gives an extra kick, when people so far away like your products and even purchase it.
My creations also got a place in some stores, in a sauna, with a hairdresser's and in several webshops.
Gradually the creations of bags and purses became at the first place. Maybe not very strange after so many years. Like with crafting jewelry it's a challenge to design the most beautiful bags with combinations of colors and different materials as several fabrics, fringes, ribbons and patches. And very important is that each item is one of a kind, call it a designer bag. Look at the handbags below in which is used the same flower fabric, each is totally different:


So in the beginning of this year the new website with only bags has been launched, a new challenge! By the way, the Etsy shop will go on.
I hope you enjoyed reading this first item. It would be great if you will follow the next blog items. Please place your comments on Facebook or Instagram and maybe you like to share it?

Alice Loopeker

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